12 February 2018

Read DiAnn's Guest Post and ENTER TO WIN! HIGH TREASON by Diann Mills

An FBI Task Force Novel, #3

   Genre: Inspirational /Mystery / Suspense / Romance
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Date of Publication: February 6, 2018
Number of Pages: 416

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When Saudi Prince Omar bin Talal visits Houston to seek cancer treatment for his mother, an attempt on his life puts all agencies on high alert. FBI Special Agent Kord Davidson is the lead on the prince’s protective detail because of their long-standing friendship, but he’s surprised—and none too happy—when the CIA brings one of their operatives, Monica Alden, in on the task force after the assassination attempt.

Kord and Monica must quickly put aside interagency squabbles, however, when they learn the prince has additional motives for his visit—plans to promote stronger ties with the US and encourage economic growth and westernization in his own country. Plans that could easily incite a number of suspects both in the US and in countries hostile to Saudi Arabia. Worse yet, the would-be assassin always seems to be one step ahead of them, implicating someone close to the prince—or the investigation. But who would be willing to commit high treason, and can Kord and Monica stop them in time?  

Praise for High Treason:

“Compelling characters and a riveting plot that fits seamlessly with current events make this novel impossible to put down. Readers can count on being glued to the pages late into the night – as “just one more chapter” turns into “can’t stop now.”” – RT Book Reviews


Do You Have What It Takes
to be a Strong Female Heroine in a Novel
Guest Post by DiAnn Mills

1. Do you need a man to rescue you?
2. Can you love unconditionally?

3. Are you proud of your femininity?

4. Are you strong mentally?

5. Are you defined by your social status?

6. Can you put your life on hold until a problem is solved?

7. Are you able to risk everything to keep people safe?

8. Is age a barrier for you?

9. Can you successfully shove greed from your DNA?

10. Do you take care of your body?

11. Do you think of others before yourself?

12. Are you able to discern evil and turn from it?

13. Do you value your faith in God?

Readers often ask how I choose my heroines. My goal is to create women who accept nontraditional roles and succeed with dynamic outcomes. These are Glock-totin‘ gals with southern charm who understand grits aren’t just for breakfast. These women embrace their femininity with an added boost—they aren’t afraid to go after the bad guys or say they love Jesus. This style of heroine understands her “peace” can be more about the caliber of the “piece” in her purse than the state of her spiritual life.

What makes a contemporary woman choose a career that has the potential of ending her life? Experts often point to personality differences or a “risk-gene” as an explanation why some are risk takers and others are content in less stressful lifestyles. I prefer courageous heroines who’ve been wired with a few more endorphins to balance the adrenaline, and they thrive on it.

If my heroine races down a dirt road on a Harley in the dead of night, or scales a cliff while someone is shooting at her, or stuffs a weapon into the waistband of her jeans, it’s to get the edge on the bad guys.

My heroines are not satisfied unless they are placing their lives on the line to protect or save innocent victims. These women are warriors who are trained to protect, defend, and hopefully outsmart the ones who will stop at nothing to obtain money and power.
Yes, I like a gutsy women who can work alongside a man, and a hero who appreciates her abilities, wit, dedication–and her beauty.

If you are still curious what it takes to make the cut, check out these strong female characters from DiAnn Mills’ FBI Task Force Series.

Deadly Encounter - Veterinarian Stacy Broussard refused to run when her life and home were threatened because she refused to cower to bullies. (Click HERE to learn more)

Deep Extraction - FBI Special Agent Tori Templeton abandoned her fears to find who’d 
murdered her best friend’s husband. (Click HERE to learn more)

High Treason - CIA Operative Monica Alden stepped into culture differences to ensure a Saudi Arabian Royal Prince wouldn’t fall into the hands of an assassin. (Click HERE to learn more)

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to be a Strong Female Heroine?
Reply in the comments!


DiAnn Mills is a bestselling author who believes her readers should expect an adventure. She combines unforgettable characters with unpredictable plots to create action-packed, suspense-filled novels. Her titles have appeared on the CBA and ECPA bestseller lists; won two Christy Awards; and been finalists for the RITA, Daphne du Maurier, Inspirational Reader's Choice, and Carol Award contests. Library Journal presented her with a Best Books 2014: Genre Fiction award in the Christian fiction category for Firewall.
DiAnn is a founding board member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, International Thriller Writers, and the Faith, Hope, and Love chapter of Romance Writers of America. She and her husband live in sunny Houston, Texas. DiAnn is very active online and would love to connect with readers on any of the social media platforms listed.

 ║ Website ║ Facebook  Twitter 
   InstagramGoodreads LinkedIn  ║ YouTube Pinterest ║ Google+  

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31 January 2018

*Review & Giveaway!* BEYOND SCANDAL AND DESIRE by Lorraine Heath

Sins for All Seasons
Book 1
   Genre: Historical / Regency Romance
Publisher: Avon
Date of Publication: January 30, 2018
Number of Pages: 320

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At birth, Mick Trewlove, the illegitimate son of a duke, was handed over to a commoner. Despite his lowly upbringing, Mick has become a successful businessman, but all his wealth hasn’t satisfied his need for revenge against the man who still won’t acknowledge him. What else can Mick do but destroy the duke’s legitimate son—and woo the heir’s betrothed into his own unloving arms . . .

Orphaned and sheltered, Lady Aslyn Hastings longs for a bit of adventure. With her intended often preoccupied, Aslyn finds herself drawn to a darkly handsome entrepreneur who seems to understand her so well. Surely a lady of her station should avoid Mick Trewlove. If only he weren’t so irresistible . . . 
As secrets are about to be exposed, Mick must decide if his plan for vengeance is worth risking what his heart truly desires.

“Heath builds a community of fascinating, intertwined characters that readers will be eager to get to know as they cheer for the driven hero and the spunky, smart heroine.” -- Publishers Weekly

“RITA Award–winner Heath’s new Sins for All Seasons series is off to an impressive start with an unforgettable, emotionally charged love story that will dazzle and delight readers with its exquisitely crafted characters, deliciously sensual romance, and impeccably rendered historical setting.” -- Booklist/ *STARRED* Review

“For the first book in the Sins for All Seasons series, Heath returns to the world of dark London — a world she understands as well as Dickens. Heath illuminates the city’s underbelly with a powerful romance of healing and redemption. Her talents for drawing readers into the era with her well-drawn, three dimensional characters and realistic dialogue sets her novels apart. The unexpected twists and turns of the plot guarantees it will be placed on your keeper shelf.” -- RT Book Reviews/ “Top Pick” Review


It’s been a long while since I’ve read a regency romance. It’s not that I dislike them, I’ve just been reading other genres … mostly YA and sci-fi (‘cause I kinda write in those genres myself). But when I saw the gorgeous cover of BEYOND SCANDAL AND DESIRE by Lorraine Heath, I fell in cover-love. Yes, it’s true … I confess that I’m one of those shallow folks who judges a book by its cover. And this cover, oh, this cover. Just look at it! Even now, having read the book, I stroke the cover and think “Dagnabit all to heck! I want Mick Trewlove to take me into his strong arms the way he’s embracing Lady Aslyn!”

But, you know as well as I do that a book is more than the covers that contain the story within. And so, I carefully turned back the delicious cover (because I don’t like my books to look like they’ve been read by anyone…yeah, I’m weird like that) and I was immediately drawn in by this sentence:

Do tell! I thought as I leaned forward, resting my chin in my hand as if I was about to get dished a scandalous story. After all, what girl doesn’t like hearing about a little bit of improper rebellion and a dash of scandal? *Raises Hand* I know I do, yo!


*Le Sigh* Surely, I’m not the only gal in town who loves a fine-lookin’ bad boy who’s secretly a good guy on the inside, am I? Oh, Mick Trewlove, Ms. Heath did you right when she gave you that last name. Because, dayum! I’ve done fell into trewlove with you, yo! Alas, I digress. The question is: does he or does he not win the heart and hand of the fair Lady Aslyn? Does his jerk of a birth father, an uppity duke, ever claim him as his son?

Oh, how I long to give you all the details of this story, but you know me by now. I’m not one to give spoilers … especially for a book like this. For you see, this book deserves to be enjoyed like a delectable dessert. Each nibble reveals another delicious layer of goodness.

Heath has whipped up a sweet mixture of complex characters, added the right amount of flavoring to tempt the taste buds, and included a dash of delicious spice that leaves the reader wanting just one more bite. 

BEYOND SCANDAL AND DESIRE by Lorraine Heath kept me up into the wee hours of the night, longing to read just one more page.


Truly, I fell immediately in love with her characters. And not only that, but her world-building is spot on. The reader is delivered a gorgeous regency setting into which to step for a bit of escape. In other words, every paragraph of BEYOND SCANDAL AND DESIRE by Lorraine Heath is delicious!


Are you hangry for a good read now? What in the heck are you waiting for? 
Click on the purchase link above and take a bite out of this delicious read!

Oh, and don’t forget to scroll down and ENTER TO WIN one of 3 signed copies of 
Yeah, it’s totes on my TBR list, yo!

And so, I hereby grant BEYOND SCANDAL AND DESIRE by Lorrain Heath

5 Gleaming Scandalous Brooms!

Lorraine Heath always dreamed of being a writer. After graduating from the University of Texas, she wrote training manuals, press releases, articles, and computer code, but something was always missing. When she read a romance novel, she not only became hooked on the genre, but quickly realized what her writing lacked: rebels, scoundrels, and rogues. She’s been writing about them ever since. Her work has been recognized with numerous industry awards, including RWA’s prestigious RITA. Her novels have appeared on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists.

Website ║ Facebook  Twitter   InstagramGoodreads 

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