19 May 2014

Message from My Dear Blogger Friend in Croatia

Ivana met several years ago when she reviewed my book, Cicada, on her gorgeous blog: Willing to See Less.  Since then, we've become friends and pen pals, sharing our love for literature and the TV show, Roswell, and just being buds.  I wanted to share with y'all a post she put up on her Facebook page today. Please consider donating to the Red Cross for help to those in her part of the world.  Ivana shared a link to her local Red Cross in her message:

Floods in Ivana's Village
Dear friends, please take a minute to read and share ... Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia are facing worst floods in the last 120 years. Thousands of people have lost everything already, some of my friends among them. My own little hometown and family are still in immediate danger. The water will go back eventually, but sadly, many have nothing to return to... for weeks to come those who have lost their homes will be placed in shelters where they need basic stuff like water, food, clothes, basic hygiene. They lack things like diapers and baby food, blankets, soap and medicine...

Donations in food, water and clothing made through the Red Cross and numerous other organizations are proving vital in getting the refugees through this, but it is estimated that people wont be able to return to their homes for at least 15 days-at least those who are fortunate to have something to go back to.Then comes the hardest part: rebuilding lives from scratch.Please consider making a donation through the Croatian Red Cross (link below) or your local branch-every little helps.  Thank you very much!  ON LINE RED CROSS DONATION:   http://www.hck.hr/en/page/emergency-appeal-for-flood-affected-areas-in-croatia-415