29 June 2016


Ken Bangs 

Genre: Historical Fiction / Mystery
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Date of Publication: March 31, 2016
# of pages: 382

A fatherless boy growing up in a small Texas town is taken under wing by the local lawmen. They work with the town leaders to provide his basic needs and help him escape the shame and poverty of his circumstances. One in particular becomes his guardian.

He teaches the boy about life, how to face his fears, that honor is more important than comfort and that defending those who cannot defend themselves is the highest duty of a man.  

The boy learns the lessons well. He hears the call and his heart opens to it. He too becomes a Guardian.

This is the novelized story of the authors’ thirty-seven years service in law enforcement and public safety. It is unique in that the reader is given an inside look at what motivates one to the calling and the process of becoming a police officer.

It is told from the first person perspective of one who walked a beat in downtown Dallas at the age of 19, answered the calls as a radio patrol officer and worked the cases as a detective.

It gives an inside look at the understanding of not only the criminal act but the issues that lead to criminality and the processes by which criminal justice professionals identify and apprehend those responsible for given crimes.  

Drawing on interviews/interrogations of criminals the author provides an exposé of the experiences, the anger, and the fantasy that captures the mind and controls the will of those who rape, rob, and kill.

K.W. stepped through the door into the darkness. He sensed a stirring accompanied by and a deep growling greet him. He had experienced this before and knew that the evil that had taken Edna
remained in the room.

Something rose up in him; something implanted long ago when Dick Sheridan was teaching him to face the evil, and to make it yield to his will. The Guardian Spirit spoke, ‘I hear you. We have met before and will again. I am a Guardian and the Spirits that called me to this office are more and greater than those of you who oppose the call. You have taken her life, but you cannot have her Spirit. I will find your human host, he who did this, and he will face justice.’

He reached behind him and flipped the light switch. The single light bulb hanging from the ceiling winked on, pushing back the darkness. His spirit heard the screech that filled the room as the minions of darkness retreated to the corners of the room where they could lurk in the shadows.

K.W. looked into Edna’s open eyes and heard her spirit say, “He hurt me. Find the one who did this to me.”

“I will, you have my word,” his spirit answered and he could feel her leave the room.


"As a man who was privileged to work the streets with Ken Bangs, I can tell you that he was the Guardian.  If you want to understand police work at the base level, then The Guardians is a must read.  It goes beyond the violence and the sensationalism and gives you a window into the hearts and souls of those men and women who ride toward danger when everyone else runs away." 
-- Doug Sword, Captain of Police (Retired), Dallas Police Department

"Guardians In Blue is an action packed book about actual crimes from the Dallas Police

files.  These cases as retold by Ken bangs come alive in a format that makes you feel

like you are at the location and involved in the investigations." 
-- Gary Holly, Retired Police Officer

"The story is so realistic; it so reveals the rawness of life experienced by a police officer that any who have ever worn the badge will be drawn in as they see themselves in the Guardians." -- G. David Payne, Lieutenant of Police (Retired), Dallas Police Department


Ken spent 35 years in public safety. A veteran of the United States Army, he was with the military police in the Alaskan Command.  He holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University, M.S. in Human Relations / Business Management from Amberton University, and a Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville (Florida) Theological Seminary.  Ken and his wife, Trudy, have been married 46 years. They live in McKinney, Texas.

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