If you're interested in hiring me, please consult the Contact page!

My rates are the cheapest for the high quality of work you will receive. 

Huffington Post's forth biggest reason indie author's aren't taken seriously is because of crappy covers. From my personal experience, I completely agree. Though the saying may go "Don't judge a book by it's cover", unfortunately, so many in today's market base what they would like to read off of cover appeal. That is why you should consider using me as your graphic designer, I make sure my work not only matches the theme and story of your book... but it will also appeal to the public.

Book Cover     $250 + any stock footage costs
Book Back     $120 + any stock footage costs
- Book Spine designs are free with the purchase of a book cover and/or back- 
Book Trailer     $300 creation and creativity fee + any stock footage costs
Business Card     $10
Flyer     $25
Resume Creating     $20
PowerPoint     $5 per slide
Stock Texture     $5 per texture.

I work very closely with those who hire me. I try to be punctual and correspond often. It's my goal to make sure your vision comes to life in the best possible way that will appeal to the general public. I'm nice, love what I do, and love meeting and working with new people. 

Notable Artistic Achievements

2006 | I wrote, directed, and starred in branch of videos to the Lonelygirl15 vlog metagame and series called GuillotineCalamity. The series contained a number of metagame puzzles and scavenger hunts and had a devoted following. You can view the full information on my series here. That article was actually featured on the LG15 wikipedia as well.

2006 | I was given my first Daily Deviation and featured on the website at for one of my photomanipulations. You can view it here.

2007 | I won a fan music video contest sponsored by the show Nip/Tuck and the band The Submarines. You can view that video here.

2007 | I received my second Daily Deviation, a high honour on the website where I was featured on the front of the website for another of my photomanipulations. You can view my first DD here.

2009 | My art work was featured and used for the cover of Lone Star college's art and literary magazine called Swirl. This photograph was used for the cover. This and this photomanipulation were featured.

2010 | For two semesters, I worked closely with Lone Star College - Montgomery's English and Social Sciences faculty to produce quality powerpoints for meetings as well as advertisements for up-coming new classes to be displayed campus wide.

2011 | I created my first YA indie book cover and trailer for Cicada, they were both very well received. The second edition, revised version of the Cicada book cover is expected to be released sometime in 2013.

2013 | I released the second YA indie book cover and trailer for the Cicada trilogy called Firefly. It has also been very well received.