I'm not the typical book review blogger. While you are certainly free to request reviews from me, please know that I'm very picky with what books I review because as a student with a job, it's difficult to find time to read and review books. However, you are free to requests me to do book cover reveals, interviews, and book blog tours.


I am specifically interested in indie produced works such as self-published young adult books and indie video games. I enjoy adventure, mystery, fairies, dinosaurs, folklore, fantasy, horror,  biographies, paranormal, zombies, philosophy, sci-fi, society, dragons, magic, and anything to do with pirates. I'm not really into romance, chick lit, thrillers, vampires, or books where the main character's name is Zoey, Isabel/Isabella, Xander, or Jack, sorry!

I will require an ARC in the form of either a .mobi file or gifted via Amazon. This is so I can read it on my Kindle. I do not redistribute any part of an author's story without written permission. Since I'm busy, I cannot promise a review by a certain date. And, if I cannot honestly review a book with three stars (aka "books") or higher, I will not post any review as courtesy for you sending me an ARC.

I'm a twenty-three years old female and am a mega-geek. For that reason, I believe I fall smack in the middle of a prime demographic.


I'm really big into giving interviews and you may request to be interviewed by me. I will ask for you to send the following in your request:
  • A short bio or a website where I can find your bio
  • A picture of you and your published works
  • A synopsis of any of your books or video games

Cover Reveals

E-mail me your book cover and what day it should be revealed. Also, please include any information you always want in the reveal blog (like where to buy the book/game and what it's about). I'm not very picky about what cover reveals I post, because as an artist I love seeing all different types of covers!

Book Blog Tour

I currently am hosting book blog tours for FREE, so please consider this as a viable option. I will need from you:

  • Dates you want the tour to run through
  • High quality versions of your covers and other promotional images
  • Events you wish to hold
  • What you are willing to giveaway
  • How frequently you're available and the best way to contact you
In return you will receive: 
  • Free promotion of you and your works
  • Interactive activities and brainstorming from me for creative events
  • New promotional images and buttons designed by me for your book blog tour
  • Publicity!