05 June 2019

*REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!* Hitchin' Post by Julie Barker

and the Tornado Twistin' 4th of July Celebration
illustrated by Carolyn Altman

  Genre: Children's Picture Book / Western / Fantasy
Publisher: BookBaby
Date of Publication: September 28, 2018
Number of Pages: 50

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Hitchin’ Post, the cowboy jackrabbit, is back with an all new adventure on the 6Bs'Ranch. 

Hitch’s brothers come to visit for the annual 4th of July rodeo and dance, but they get much more than a long-awaited visit with their brother. When a giant tornado threatens to cut their Independence Day celebration short, Hitchin’ Post, his brothers, and the rest of the cowboys have to work hard to save the ranch and the celebration. Hitchin’ Post shows that even though he is just a small jackrabbit, he has the courage it takes to bring everyone together to rebuild what the tornado destroyed. Because of old Hitch being a great leader, the 6Bs' 4th of July celebration will go on! 
This is the second book in the Hitchin’ Post series by Julie Barker, where Julie once again collaborates with her mother, artist Carolyn Altman, who provides the illustrations in this romping, stomping cowboy adventure!

Hitchin’ Post and the Tornado Twistin’ 4th of July Celebration is a brilliantly woven story with a strong plot that will easily entertain anyone. The illustrations by Carolyn Altman are fun and engaging, complementing the story. I love how Barker has written an interesting story that will teach kids how working together as a team makes the hard work a whole lot lighter and much more rewarding. – Readers’ Favorite, 5 STARS

Howdy, y’all! Guess who’s makin’ another appearance on the B & B Ranch? That’s right! None other than good ole Hitchin’ Post, the cowboy rabbit who works the 6 B Ranch! Now, I’m sure you’re scratchin’ your noggin’ and thinkin’ that the name “Hitchin’ Post” sounds mighty familiar. And you’d be right! Ole Hitch stopped by a while back, and you can click right here to read my review of HITCHIN’ POST by Julie Barker .

Now, I know what you’re thinkin’— Why am I readin’ and reviewin’ children’s picture books here on Books & Broomsticks? Am I right? I knew it! Whelp, it’s like this … I’m a nerd, and I love me some picture books, that’s why! They are (almost) always magical, and they have big ole colorful pictures in them. And those aren’t the only reasons. I especially like Barker’s picture books, because they are woven together with some good ole fashioned ethics and morals that are missing in a lot of today’s children’s books. What do I mean by this?

Read on, and find out, cowpoke!

In Barker’s HITCHIN’ POST and the TORNADO TWISTIN’ 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION (whew, that’s a mouthful!), good ole Hitch has got his work cut out for him. Independence Day is just hours away, and he’s gotta see to it that the barn is ready for the big celebration. Now, I’m not gonna give away the storyline (I don’t know why y’all keep expecting me to), but I will say that there’s a whole lotta hurdles a’gittin’ in the way of Hitch’s plan for a blow out celebration. Including, dare I say, a danged ole twister?! Heck fire, y’all!

“Okay, but what about them morals and ethics you mentioned above?” you ask.

“Well, heck! Give a cowgirl a chance, dangit!” I reply.

My favorite things about this gorgeously illustrated children’s book are these things:
  1.   This book is written in rhyme, and I think that’s awesome!
  2.   Hitch and his crew are proud to be Americans.
  3.  Hitch and his crew are proud Texas who are proud to celebrate Independence Day.
  4.   Hitch believes that hard work pays off in the end.
  5.   Hitch is a family man. He is so happy when his brothers surprise him with a visit.
  6.  With teamwork, anything is possible.
  7.  Last but not least: sometimes the smallest person (or rabbit) can save the day.

There. Are y’all happy now?


All joking aside, I’ve gotta tell y’all that this book is gorgeous. It’s a nice, big picture book and the colors are vivid, the materials it is printed on are high quality, and this book would be a fantastic gift for any kid … even those of us that don’t (legally) qualify as kids anymore. 
Carolyn Altman's illustrations are rich and enchanting! This book is sure to become a treasure in any child’s personal library.

Barker filled this enchanting book with some good old fashioned American and Texan standards. We need more children's books like this!

And that’s why I give good ole Hitchin’ Post
5 Texas Sized Brooms!

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Julie Barker is the author of Hitchin' Post, her debut children's storybook. With inspiration from her West Texas roots and being surrounded by the ranching heritage, Julie is fulfilling her dream of becoming a children's author. Along with the encouragement and beautiful illustrations from her mother and artist, Carolyn Altman, the story of Hitchin' Post the cowboy jackrabbit was born and is now officially a series. The second book, Hitchin' Post and the Tornado Twistin' 4th of July Celebration, was released September 2018.


Carolyn Altman is an artist and the illustrator of the Hitchin’ Post children’s book series, in which she collaborated with her daughter, Julie Barker, the author. Carolyn resides in Vernon, Texas, with her husband Stanley. They have two daughters and six grandchildren, all of whom live nearby. “Touch the Heart with Original Art” is Carolyn’s slogan, which she has used for the past 40 years as she creates lighthearted and inspiring art with subjects such as wildlife, horses, cattle, and cowboys, in hopes of helping to preserve this way of life for many years to come. 

The beginning of her art career consisted of using mostly oil and acrylic mediums, then Carolyn began creating baby memory books in which she incorporates her art into each page. Each baby memory book is personalized and truly a work of art in itself. Carolyn believes that her experiences throughout her life are what inspires her art. 

She has spent her life in West Texas surrounded by wide open spaces and the beauty of the farming and ranching heritage, and that way of life will always show up in her paintings and illustrations. Her latest creations include a series of angel paintings depicting what she deems most important in her life -- her faith. 


Author & Illustrator Signed Copy of Hitchin' Post and the Tornado Twistin’ 4th of July Celebration + $50 gift certificate to CarolynAltmanArt.com; 
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