07 February 2013

The Official Butterbeer Frappuccino Recipe

My two months working as a Starbucks barista didn't grant me much, but the one thing I'm proud of is my Butterbeer Frappuccino invention that caught on like wildfire on Tumblr. I originally posted it on my Tumblr (imochayoualatte) about a year ago, along with some other recipes. I still love to order new things at Starbucks and give the baristas a run for their money.

This is exactly how you order it:
[Beverage size] Toffee caramel frappuccino with one pump of vanilla, double blended, extra whip, and extra caramel drizzle (they put it on the inside of the cup).
There are some people who leave off the extra whip and double blend. I prefer double blended because it makes the texture perfect.

I think it's superbly tasty and all it really is, is a toffee caramel frap. Lots of repostings of my recipe tell you how many pumps to put in, that's wrong. Only because you should leave that to the barista because pumps change depending on what size you buy. Also it seems like lots of people are forgetting to add the pump of vanilla, believe me. It makes a difference.

It's also very sweet, I suggest getting a tall. I know most of you like to get ventis or trentas, but seriously... that's a LOT. I told all my friends to try it and they all couldn't stop drinking it. That's when I posted it on Tumblr. A few days later several people started reblogging instagram pictures of their butterbeers. I was very happy and I'd love to share this with all interested!

Here are a few pictures people have posted snagged from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/butterbeer+frappuccino


There have even been some lovely demonstration videos! This lovely lady in Vancover adds root beer to her's, yummy!

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  1. tried one today (sadly, here they only have toffee nut around Christmas, so only now can I get it), it was amazing!