16 December 2013


“I’m so honored that FIREFLY was chosen to be featured as 2013 BIR over at Nicole's lovely blog: Books Complete Me!” Belle Whittington said.  “There’s no greater compliment a book reviewer can pay an author than to say her book is one of the best one’s the reviewer read the whole year.  Wow!” I bet you’re thinking you wish you could see what all the buzz is about, don’t you?  Well, there are two options for you right now! 1.     You can pop on over to Amazon, B & N, Smashwords, or CreateSpace and purchase a copy of Belle’s books.  They are both on sale right now!
2.     You can pop on over to Books Complete Me book blog, check out Nicole’s interview with Belle’s main character Blair Reynolds, and ENTER TO WIN A COPY OF "FIREFLY"!!!
~ Belle Whittington

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  1. How exciting! Congratulations! :)

    Wishing you a wonderful 2014.