09 May 2016

*Excerpt & Giveaway!* HER ONE AND ONLY by Becky Wade

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(Porter Family #4)


Becky Wade
Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance
Publisher: Bethany House Bethany House Facebook
Date of Publication: May 3, 2016
# of pages: 368

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After ten years in the NFL, superstar Gray Fowler is accustomed to obsessive fans. But when Gray starts receiving death threats from a stalker, his team hires an executive protection agency to guard him until the culprit is caught. Dealing with bodyguards 24/7 is a headache, especially when one of them is a young, beautiful woman. How can a female half his size possibly protect him better than he can protect himself?  Dru Porter is a former Marine, an expert markswoman, and a black belt--none of which saved her from disaster on her last assignment. In order to rebuild her tarnished reputation, she's determined to find Gray's stalker and, since relationships between agents and clients are forbidden, avoid a romantic attachment between herself and the rugged football player with the mysterious past.
Yet every secret that leads Dru closer to the stalker also draws her closer to Gray. As the danger escalates, they'll survive only if they can learn to trust their lives—and their hearts—to one another.

Praise for Her One and Only

"Down-to-earth, in-depth characters give the story an authentic feel. Dru, being the youngest Porter, is headstrong and sympathetic, and when she matches wits with Gray, their connection is as electric as their budding romance is sweet. A delightful read."—RT Book Reviews


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On the one hand, his skepticism irritated her like stinging nettles. She’d faced this same sort of skepticism all her life from her three older brothers. On the other hand, his directness meant that she could address him with equal directness. She wouldn’t have to waste her time on political correctness and fake politeness.  
“Sutton sent me because I’m qualified. I’m a former Marine, and before I became an agent I had to undergo rigorous training at Sutton Security—” 
“Which included?” 
“Study of armed combat, threat assessment, first aid, and lots more. On top of  all that, I’ve been licensed by the state of Texas to do this job.” 
He still looked doubtful. 
“Executive protection mostly requires me to use my brain,” she stated, “rarely my body or my gun.” 
“What was your name again?” 
Dru Porter. What was yours again?” 
His expression filled with a mix of  humor and disbelief. “Gray Fowler.” 
“Ah.” She gave him a small smile. “That’s right.” 
“How do you spell your name?” 
“D. R. U.” 
“Huh.” He sized her up. “Just between you and me, Dru Porter, I’m not worried about my safety.” Gray’s team had hired Sutton’s services, not Gray himself. “I didn’t ask for protection in the first place, so if Sutton wants me to hang out with someone who looks like a model, I’m fine with it.” 
“I don’t look like a model.” 
“You look exactly like a model.” 
“Also, I won’t be hanging out with you. I’ll be working.” 
“Here’s my issue with you.” He continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “I can’t have everyone knowing that a hot-looking, twenty-something girl—” 
“Is my bodyguard—” 
“Executive protection agent.” 
“I’ll never hear the end of it in the locker room.” 
Chauvinism was still alive and well. She narrowed her eyes. “Your safety is my top priority, not your locker-room reputation.” 
“My reputation’s important to me, though. And if it’s important to me, it’ll be important to him.” He angled a shoulder toward Brian Morris, the general manager. 
She wanted to tell Gray to shove his concerns about his reputation. In fact, she wished she could bark out all sorts of orders that her clients would be compelled to follow. As it was, her clients were entitled to a pesky thing called free will. She could advise them, but she couldn’t force. 
Compromise stunk. 
“No one has to know that I’m assigned to you other than the people you decide to tell,” Dru said, her voice level. “But if  you want us to go that route, then you’ll lose the deterring effect that agents can have. If  your assailant sees that you’re accompanied by agents, he or she will be less likely to attack.” 
“I don’t care about the deterring effect.” 
Figured. “In that case, I can provide low-profile protection that won’t give people any reason to think I’m an agent.” 
“You could pose as my girlfriend.” 
Dru centered him in the crosshairs of  her iciest glare. Strong men—Marines, protection agents, and some of  the best pistol shooters on the planet—had wilted under that glare. 
Gray didn’t. 

Becky’s a California native who attended Baylor University, met and married a Texan, and settled in Dallas.  She published historical romances for the general market before putting her career on hold for several years to care for her three children.  When God called her back to writing, Becky knew He meant for her to turn her attention to Christian fiction.  She loves writing funny, modern, and inspirational contemporary romance!  She’s the Carol Award and Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award winning author of My Stubborn Heart and the Texas-set Porter Family series:  Undeniably Yours, Meant to Be Mine, and A Love Like Ours, and Her One and Only.



  May 3 - May 13, 2016

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