11 July 2014



FIREFLY was nominated Best Sci-fi/Futuristic Romance! YEEHAW!!!!

Voting is open July 11th - 13th!

Pretty please, go here and VOTE FOR FIREFLY in the Sci-Fi/Futuristic Romance category!

But that's not all, y'all!

Join us tomorrow as I TAKE OVER FACEBOOK!  MUAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, at least, I'll be taking over the IRC Pre-Con Facebook Event
on Saturday, July 12th from 5 - 6 PM CST!
Join us for fun, festivities, cool stuff, and maybe some alien abductions! ;-)


"What is IRC? The indie romance convention is a celebration of the culture and fantastic talent that has emerged as a result of the independent writer’s revolution. We hope to highlight, educate, introduce, inspire and entertain people interested in the entrepreneurs that have made indie publishing such a success. It is not just writers we hope to spotlight, but also those who help them to achieve their goals such as bloggers, reviewers, cover artists, editors and of course, the most important of all, readers." ~Indieromancecon.com

And here's the beautiful cover of FIREFLY!  What are you waiting for?


*Please and Thank You!*


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