28 August 2015

CICADA & The 5th Wave Movie!

Wattpad informed me they'd chosen CICADA for promotion along with the movie THE 5TH WAVE!  With my approval, they placed the adorbs 5th Wave sticker on the cover (temporarily during the promo) and have placed my book in the "A Modern Day Setting with Out of This World Occurrences" reading list.  I think this is pretty cool.  Don't you?

Check out THE 5TH WAVE Wattpad profile here.

Here's the teaser trailer for THE 5TH WAVE movie:

Are you a member of Wattpad?  Comment below and share your reading lists!



  1. Heyyyy! Congratulations on you getting selected by Wattpad! May I ask whether if you had to go through any application processes to get selected or did you simply got selected by chance? Thank you! :)

    1. Thanks, Steven! They contacted me and informed me of it and asked my permission. :-)

    2. You're most welcome! Thanks for the comments!

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