23 March 2017

THREE GIVEAWAYS & Author Interview: A STOLEN HEART by Amanda CAbot

Cimarron Creek Trilogy #1

  Genre: Historical Romance / Christian
Publisher: Revell / Baker Publishing Group
Date of Publication: March, 2017
Number of Pages: 352  Scroll down for Giveaway!

“Endearing characters, a tender love story, and intriguing mystery all work together to make Amanda Cabot’s A Stolen Heart a compelling and enjoyable read.”
—Margaret Brownley, author of Left at the Altar

Bestselling author Amanda Cabot takes readers back in time to the 1880s Texas Hill Country in her new historical romance novel, A Stolen Heart. This is the first book in a brand-new series packed with tension, mystery, and a tender love story that readers won’t soon forget.

Cimarron Creek seemed like an idyllic Texas town. But as soon as former schoolteacher Lydia Crawford stepped onto its dusty streets, she noticed a deep-seated resentment of Northerners—like her. 

That won’t get Lydia down, though. She looks forward to the day when she reunites with her fiancé—until she discovers her fiancé has disappeared without a trace and has left behind a pregnant wife. The handsome Cimarron Creek sheriff urges Lydia to trust him, but she is having a hard time trusting anyone in a town where secrets and suspense prevail.

Cabot weaves an elegant tale of pure love amidst heartache. With an absorbing plot and engaging characters, A Stolen Heart is a springtime showstopper fit for every historical romance reader.


How has being a Texan (or Texas) influenced your writing? 
I wasn’t born in Texas, and I don’t live there now, but my early childhood in a small Texas town left me with indelible memories and gave the whole state an important place in my heart.  My parents moved to Texas when I was a year and a half old, and we lived there until I was seven.  I’ve heard people claim that these are the formative years, and they certainly were for me.  I’ve never forgotten the friendliness of Texans in general, the close-knit nature of a small town, and the pleasure of walking through fields of bluebonnets.   

Each time I return to Texas, whether it’s for business or to visit friends and family, I’m reminded of just how special a place it is.  I consider myself fortunate to be a writer, because that gives me the opportunity to share the beauty and all that makes the Lone Star State unique with my readers, and I wear a Texas-sized grin each time a reader tells me she’s planning a trip to the Hill Country to find a town similar to the ones I’ve created in my books.   

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre? 
I’ve always been a hopeless romantic who believes in happily-ever-after, so it was no surprise to anyone who knew me that I chose to write romances.  At first I didn’t realize that my books had common themes other than a happy ending, but as I look back on them, I realize that I frequently write about the healing power of love.  When I wrote for the secular market, that love was between a man and a woman.  Now that I’m writing for the Christian market, I can – and do – include the power of God’s love. 

Where did your love of books and storytelling come from? 
Both of my parents were avid readers, and my father was a great storyteller, so I guess you could say it’s part of my DNA.  

How long have you been writing? 
I cannot remember a time when I didn’t write – or at least want to write, but I wrote only sporadically until I was almost 29. Since then I have come to believe that authors have at least one thing in common with oysters, namely that we need irritation to produce our pearls … er… our books.  For me, that irritation was moving to a new area and discovering that what had appeared to be an ideal job was truly awful.  Of course, that happened at a time when jobs were hard to find, so I stuck with the one I had for over three years.

But the irritation was enough to remind me that I had always had a goal of selling a book before I was thirty.  I started what was to become my first published book just before my twenty-ninth birthday and sold it one week before my thirtieth.  If this were a fairytale, I’d tell you that I became vastly wealthy and was able to quit my day job.  The reality is, for many years (no, I won’t tell you how many) I wrote on nights and weekends, while I worked full time for Corporate America.  Now I’m fortunate enough to be a full-time writer.   
Do you have a mantra for writing and/or for life? 
Yes, indeed.  It’s “Justice will somehow prevail.”  That’s a line from a Peter, Paul & Mary song, Light One Candle.  I truly cannot imagine going through life without that reassurance.  Readers know that they’ll find a happy ending in my books – that’s a given with a romance – but they’ll also see justice being served.  And isn’t that what we all want – the assurance that, despite all the negative things we see on the news or read on social media, there will be justice? 

Can you briefly describe your new novel? 

I’m typically challenged to tell a story in less than 100K words, but as part of the proposal I created for this series, I somehow managed to distill it into one sentence. Ready? Here it is. After her plans for the future are shattered by the revelation that her fiancé has married another, a young woman finds both love and danger in the Texas Hill Country as she and the sheriff struggle to unravel the town’s secrets and unmask a murderer. 

 Amanda Cabot is the bestselling author of At Bluebonnet Lake, In Firefly Valley, and On Lone Star Trail, as well as the Texas Dreams series, the Westward Winds series, and Christmas Roses. Her books have been finalists for the ACFW Carol Awards and the Booksellers’ Best. She lives in Wyoming.

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