24 April 2017

Ayrshire College Comic Con - ENTER TO WIN!

The Ayrshire College Comic Con kicks off at noon on Tuesday 25th April. The vast majority of items on sale are those which have been sent in from people all over the world - mostly books, comics, artwork, DVDs and T-shirts.

Signed and exclusive items will take pride of place in our auction which people can bid in on the day.

In the raffle, there will be tons of prizes, with everyone entering guaranteed at least something! There are loads of eBooks up for grabs as well as a 6 month membership to Channillo - all of which have been generously donated too!

Amongst the exhibitors are LabMonkey Entertainment, who specialize in animé, TV, movie and gaming merchandise.

Comic Con attendees have the opportunity to take part in a cosplay competition, with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. £1 entry fee gets donated to South Ayrshire Food Bank - as do all proceeds on the day .

Photos and videos to be posted as the event takes place! So make sure to tune in over at the Ayrshire College Comic Con Official Facebook Page!

And if you're able, stop by the Comic Con and check it out! You just might be the one who scores this awesomelicious package of my stuffs:

Signed Copy of Cicada
Signed SWAG
Signed Willis, Texas T-Shirt
Signed "Save a Horse, Ride a Nerd" Book Bag
Your Own Tiny Alien Reading Companion

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