31 May 2017

Of Bullies & Jerks

I try to always keep this blog a politics-free zone of fun. I love posting about science fiction related subjects, lots of books and new releases, and let's face it, lots of alien stuff.

But today's my birthday, and something really mean and nasty happened in the book world...something that affects children. Something that is nothing other than flat-out bullying. And since I am both a mom and an author, and because my strong stance against bullying is no secret, I feel compelled to address the issue. And since it's my birthday, I beg you to allow me this rant.

We all know about the horrific, disgusting photo ofKathy Griffin by Tyler Shields. I won't go into details about the photo, because I refuse to perpetuate her hate. However...

The hate has been perpetuated by Ken Jennings, children's author at Simon & Schuster. He tweets jokingly about 11 year old Barron who'd seen the horrid Kathy Griffith photo and had thought his father had been murdered. He became extremely distraught...just as ANY child would. Ken Jennings thinks it's funny that a child was traumatized like that. He openly jokes about it on twitter. Yes. You read that right. A children's author thinks it's funny that a child was traumatized. Let that sink in a bit.

Today's young generation has had the unfortunate luck of growing up in a society that is continually rocked by terrorism. Our children don't have the luxury we had of growing up in safer times. When I imagine myself having to grow up in today's society as apposed to the slow, calm childhood I was granted in the '70s and '80s, I feel my heart break...I cannot even imagine what fear our kids deal with on a daily basis.

And then, when I see something like Ken Jenning's tweet, #bullying such a child...a kind young fellow who'd just been traumatized by a bloody depiction of his father...I become livid. Angry. Quite frankly, ticked off in the extreme!

What say ye, dear readers and followers, shall we send Ken Jennings a strong message? Shall we let his publisher know that we don't stand for bullying of ANY TYPE? Shall we #boycottkenjennings &#boycottsimonschuster?

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  1. I feel sorry for the poor boy and of course that was going to upset him. Even if he had known it wasn't real, he'd be upset because he loves his dad. Whatever anyone thinks of Trump, he seems to be a good parent and his son should be off limits to this kind of thing. Bullying children is cowardly and wrong.

    1. I couldn't agree more. I don't understand this movement in society in which people think it's open season on whomever they want to injure in the media. Thank you for commenting!