10 July 2018

*Read My Review & Enter a Huge Giveaway!* TO CATCH A TEXAS STAR by Linda Broday

Texas Heroes, Book 3

  Genre: Western / Historical / Romance
Date of Publication: July 3, 2018
Number of Pages: 352

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On her way to town early one morning, Marley Rose McClain finds a man unconscious and bleeding at the side of the road. She loads him in the wagon and takes him to her family ranch.

Drifter Roan Penny fights for his life, his one goal eating at him—to find the ones who murdered his best friend. As he recovers, he finds himself falling in love with Marley. She’s everything he wants and dreams of making her his wife even as he knows it’s impossible.

A terrifying stranger appears and a long-kept secret shakes Marley to the core. Roan helps her through very frightening times and they pledge their love for each other.

As Roan hunts down the hooded men who killed his friend and grows closer to learning the truth of the stranger’s identity, he finds both himself and Marley being stalked.

Shocking events unfold, secrets come to light, and a love refuses to be denied in this cat and mouse game where danger lurks around every corner. Will Roan and Marley survive to see the future they plan? 

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Y’all, when this beauty popped up in our blogger group for sign-up, I nearly tripped over my own cowgirl boots to review TO CATCH A TEXAS STAR by Linda Broday. Just between y’all and me, I may have (accidentally-on-purpose) knocked over one or two of my blogger friends in order to get to the front of the line. I ain’t ashamed, I tell ya!

Now, this ain’t my first rodeo in reading and reviewing Ms. Broday’s work. Y’all can read my review of her book, TO MARRY A TEXAS OUTLAW by clicking right here. So, when I saw that Lone Star Literary Life was bringing her back on tour, I was over the moon like a shootin’ star, yo!

TO CATCH A TEXAS STAR by Linda Broday arrived in my mailbox on a scorching hot Texas summer day (my personal favorite type of day, I might add). I knew I wouldn’t be dismayed, because 1.) Broday’s cover art is always gorgeous, and 2.) She always sends an autographed review copy. Still, I held my breath as I tore open the envelope and gingerly removed the ARC. Gorgeous, isn't it??? Oh, you must see this in person to appreciate how lovely it is. 


“Surely, she didn’t send a signed postcard in lieu and an unsigned ARC,” I thought to myself. Carefully, I turned back the lovely cover (‘cause, by now, y’all know I like my books to remain looking brand-spanking-new), and there it was! Her autograph! YEEHAW!!!!!

Even my doggie, Sascha Marie (who has her own Facebook page - click on her name to check it out), has enjoyed caressing this book with her eyes!

Alright, alright, keep your hats on! I’ll get on with the review. Sheesh!

It’s the Fall of 1899 when the reader steps into this story and lands smack-dab in the middle of Central Texas (see what I did there?). The first person the reader meets is a smolderingly handsome cowboy named Roan Penny. Now, Roan’s had a rugged life, but he hasn’t let it turn him into a bitter man with a hard heart. And maybe that’s because of his friend, a good ol’ fella named Mose who took him in and treated him like family…something Roan never really had before, well, except for the old lady his sorry father had given him to the day his mother died. 

But, I digress…

It’s nighttime, and the moon is waning. That can only mean one thing to Roan: something bad was about to happen. And boy does it ever.

I won’t give any spoilers here, ‘cause y’all know I never do. (Why do y’all keep asking me to?) But the harbinger moon brings some bad deeds and ends up leaving Roan for dead among the bushes far from Mose’s farm.

Enter the lovely Marley Rose. She’s had everything that Roan’s never had: a happy home, family, and dreams. She rescues the man who looks more dead than alive and takes him back to Aces ‘n’ Eights, her father’s ranch.

And that’s where it all begins!

Will Marley Rose win over the heart of the handsome stranger she’d rescued? Or will Roan Penny decide he’s too much trouble for the lovely brunette who nurses him back to health in heart, body, and soul?  What happened to his old friend Mose the night the moon hung low in the sky? I ain’t gonna tell y’all.

But, I will tell y’all this – y’all’ve gotta read this book. I wouldn’t ever lie to y’all.

Ms. Broday’s writing is that comfortable, engaging style that lulls the reader into the story by degrees until, suddenly, the real world disappears and the words on the page become reality. Her worldbuilding and character development is so rich, it’s delicious. So, brew up a strong cup of joe (‘cause this book will keep you up ‘till the wee hours of the morn), and snuggle in for a cozy read.

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is as brilliant as the night sky!

And that’s why I grant it
5 Gleaming Brooms!

Praise for To Catch a Texas Star: 

“Fans of the previous books will enjoy returning to the McClain clan, and new readers will appreciate the story’s layered mysteries, emotional depth, and believable scenes of attraction.” -- Publisher’s Weekly 

“I loved the twists and turns that this story takes. It is pretty interesting seeing this romance blossom and how much their relationship strengthens as they face danger and the truth together.” -- Addicted to Romance 

“Marley Rose has one of the most gentle and winsome souls; her affection and compassion for others and delightful creativity pour off the pages and you can't help but adore her.” -- Michelle (Goodreads)

Linda is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of full length historical western romance novels and novellas. She’s published over twenty books and short stories and resides in the Texas Panhandle on land the American Indian and Comancheros once roamed. On a quiet day, she can often hear their voices whispering in the wind. 

The love of this state and its people runs bone deep and she instills that into each book she writes. She sets all her stories in Texas because of the rich history and interesting people.

A mother, grandmother, and soon to be a great grandmother, Linda finds research fascinating and always looks for little known tidbits to add realism to her stories. When she’s not writing, she collects old coins and confesses to being a rock hound in addition to making herself a nuisance at museums, libraries, and historical places which inspire her.

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  July 3-12, 2018

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  1. Belle, I don't know what to say. I'm speechless. Thank you so much for liking Roan and Marley's story and giving the book 5 Broomsticks! They are truly like family to me. I lived with this couple and the McClain family for a year and they are embedded deep in my heart. I hope readers will give the book a try and find out what you're talking about.

    By the way, I'm snagging those beautiful graphics you designed for promo. They are excellent. I'm just so happy to be back with you again. I love your Books and Broomsticks. We fit together really fine.

    I'll have a new series starting in January--Outlaw Mail Order Brides so you haven't seen the last of me. LOL

    1. Linda, I'm so very glad you liked my post and review! I truly enjoyed TO CATCH A TEXAS STAR! It was the coziest book I've read in a long while. You are most welcome to use the graphics as you see fit. Please let me know if you'd like me to also email them to you.

      Oh, I cannot wait to read OUTLAW MAIL ORDER BRIDES and look forward to reading and reviewing it right here on Books & Broomsticks!

      BTW: I love the name "Linda." It's my most favorite name in the whole wide world. It's the name I gave my own sweet daughter - Linda Belle <3

    2. Belle, nope, don't need to email the graphics. I stole them right off your page. I'll bet your Linda Belle is the sweetest daughter. I love her name too. I always hated my middle name of Louise so I never say it.

    3. Great! So glad you were able to lasso them off the page! Oh, my Linda Belle really is the sweetest redheaded daughter in the world! XOXO

  2. Belle- I loved your blog, brought a smile to my heart and soul. I’m line you, I’ll trip over anything to get to a Linda Broday book. She gives the best autographed books with the sweetest messages. Awesome review. I have it 5 Stars or in your case broomsticks also.

    1. Tonya, isn't it so fun to fangirl over Linda Broday's books? They are definitely squee-worthy, I tell ya! I'll pop over and read your review, too! Yes, she is the best at giving signed books and precious messages! I'll treasure mine, for sure! XOXO

    2. Thank you for coming over, Tonya! You're so sweet. My life changed the day our paths crossed. I treasure your friendship.