06 October 2019

*Read My Review & Enter to Win!* PARANORMAL TEXAS by Tui Snider

Your Travel Guide to Haunted Places
Near Dallas & Fort Worth 

  Genre: Travel / Haunted Places / Texas History
Publisher: Castle Azle Press
Date of Publication: September 19, 2019
Number of Pages: 210 with 100+ black & white images

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More Haunted Places and True Ghost Stories!
Tui Snider's popular travel guide to haunted places in North Texas is back with a fully updated 2nd Edition featuring more haunted places and true ghost stories!

What's new in Paranormal Texas, 2nd Edition?
Just like the original travel guide, Paranormal Texas 2nd Edition gives readers haunted history and directions to sites where paranormal activity is reported in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex.

The 2nd edition now includes:
• Photos: Readers asked for photos of haunted places. Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition has over 50 photos of haunted towns, haunted hotels, and more.
• Ghost hunting tips: Tui Snider explains what she has learned since she began attending paranormal investigations with Texas ghost hunters.
• More haunted places: Several new venues (including a haunted doll museum!) with fascinating haunted history were added to Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition.
• Firsthand accounts: Readers asked for more true ghost stories and hauntings. (She even shares personal experiences with paranormal activity, including a strange encounter with her doppelganger at a haunted hotel!)

All the above, PLUS a paranormal activity evidence database:

See the paranormal activity for yourself: Readers can access an online database with links to EVPs, ghost photos, videos, and other evidence gathered by paranormal investigators who have visited the haunted sites in her book.

Continually updated: This database will be continually updated with EVPs, anomalous photos, videos, and other data gathered at haunted places featured in Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition.

Add your paranormal activity: Readers can contact the author if they have paranormal evidence to add!

Is Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition for YOU?
1. Ghost Hunters - If you want to plan a fun road trip to haunted places (with or without ghost hunting equipment) Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition can help.
2. Armchair Travelers - If you prefer reading about haunted history, Paranormal Texas, 2nd edition can take you on an exciting armchair tour through haunted towns of North Texas.

"Tui's 2nd edition is spot on fun and thrilling for everyone 
to read as only Tui can tell it!"  
- Greg Stephens, Paranormal Investigator (RIP)

5 Surprising Facts about Haunted Places in Paranormal Texas

I don’t always choose to drop my name in the hat for each book review opportunity that pops up in our blogger group. But, seeing as how Halloween was coming up, and, quite frankly, seeing as how this book looked totes awesome, I nearly screamed my ever-loving lungs out whilst filling out the review request form. It’s a good thing that Google forms don’t record sound, ‘cause Kristine would prolly’ve called the Po-Po thinkin’ there’d been some bloody-murder occurrence.

At any rate, I squealed with glee when I received my autographed … YES, AUTOGRAPHED (y’all know I lurve it when the author signs the book) copy in the mail. I was so uppity about the signed copy that I didn’t even realize that the fabulous Tui Snider had also included a cute handwritten postcard (featuring herself and an alien-looking dude. Y’all know I lurve me some aliens!) until I carefully (‘cause y’all know I love my books to remain looking new) turned back the cover and –

Out popped the SWAG!

“Be still my beating heart!” I says to myself. “Herself must be a kindred spirit!” I also says to myself.

Gaze upon the splendor. Is it not Coolio?

Alas, I digress from my moment of fangirlitude.

I know…I know. Y’all came here for a book review. And so, I shall sally-forth and tally-ho, yo!

Y’all. This book … gosh … this book is just plain F to the U to the N – FUN! The other day, I saw a post on Facebook in which one of my friends was saying how she wishes she could do some traveling like she sees some other people on Facebook doing.

PARANORMAL TEXAS by Tui Snider is the kind of book that makes you feel as if you’ve just taken an enthralling, albeit spooky, road trip with your BFF.

I plan on messaging that FB friend and advising her to grab a copy of this book. Because, it really, truly does feel as if I’ve taken a drive across Texas to some places I’d like to visit – and to some places I actually have visited years ago – whilst doing some ghost (and alien) hunting.

Snider takes you for an informative ride to, and a guide through, some of the most haunted places near Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas. I totes geeked out over the history she weaves throughout each haunted visit. The backstory of each place was also enthralling. Y’all know I’m a history nerd – I minored in history at university, after all! And I really loved how she managed to clear the name of one poor dude who’d been accused all these years of having murdered his entire family, before hanging himself. Poor ole fella had been innocent all along (though the folks of his own time actually knew how he and his family died) No, I ain’t gonna tell ya! You’ve gotta read the book to find out this kinda stuff, yo!

Now, y’all know I don’t give any spoilers, and I wish y’all would stop asking. No, I won’t give away any in this review, either. But what I will give you are these deets:

This book is organized alphabetically by the town names, and then by HAUNTED sites within each town. This is very handy for those who’d love to plan an actual road trip (unlike the armchair one I took.) Each section includes enough information, without droning on and on. Short, fun, and to the point.

I simply loved the Introduction. I got a really good feel for the author’s sense of humor and writing style, before digging into the meat of the book.

One of my absolute geekiologiest (I just made that word up) moments in reading PARANORMAL TEXAS was in the Introduction. The author has actually created the Paranormal Texas Evidence Database where readers can go check out some EVPs and other stuff to scare the doowocky out of themselves in the dark of the night (‘cause that’s when I do my best reading – and writing – in the dark of the night. Hence the perpetual dark circles under my eyes.) She also gives readers the option to submit their own spooky stories to her via email to be added to the database.

Should I submit my story about those freaky, disembodied legs I experienced just up the road from here? 

Hmm …. I may just do that.

Okay, okay, I might give y’all one teeny tiny itsy-bitsy spoiler: there’s a Texas cemetery that I’ve long wished to visit. I’m not going to tell you the name of it, but I will tell you that it’s known to contain the grave of an extraterrestrial that died in a fiery UFO crash in the 1800s. Yes. You can imagine my level of midnight geekitudology (I just made up this word, too) whilst reading that section.

Or…maybe you can’t. Prolly not.

Oh! Before I forget …

One of my fave things of this book is that Snider has included photos she took, herself, of many of the places she visited whilst writing PARANORMAL TEXAS. The photos are in black and white. Normally, I would scoff at the fact that they weren’t in color. But, truthfully, the black and white photos lend that extra je ne sais quoi of spookiness to the pages of chilling ghost stories and hauntings in Snider’s PARANORMAL TEXAS.

I fear I may have droned on for too long here. Suffice it to say that I truly enjoyed PARANORMAL TEXAS by Tui Snider. It’s a great book to read for any time of year, but especially for the month of October … when spirits find that opening in the fabric betwixt this world and the next and slip through to scare the doowockie out of the unsuspecting living.

Grab a copy for yourself and and one for your BFF! Plan a spooky October road trip, even if it’s an armchair one! And come back here and let me know which was your favorite stop along the way of haunted places near Dallas & Fort Worth!

The bottom line of this here review of PARANORMAL TEXAS by Tui Snider is this:

Her writing is witty, engaging, and intelligent … just plain fun!

And that’s why I hereby grant
5 Gleaming Scary As All Get Out Brooms!

Tui Snider is an award-winning writer, speaker, photographer, and musician specializing in offbeat sites, overlooked history, cemetery symbolism, and haunted lore. As she puts it, “I used to write fiction, but then I moved to Texas!” Tui lectures frequently at universities, libraries, conferences, and bookstores.This fall, she will speak about the Great Airship Mystery of 1897 at this year’s UFO Congress and teach a course on Understanding Cemetery Symbols at Texas Christian University. She also shares weekly info-videos based on her research at her YouTube channel. Snider’s writing and photography have been featured in a variety of media outlets, including WFAA TV, Coast to Coast AM, LifeHack, Langdon Review, the City of Plano, Wild Woman Waking, Shades of Angels and many more. She has several more books in progress.

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  1. Yay! So glad you enjoyed the book and the postcard I tucked in with it. Not only is "geekiologiest" going to be my word of the day, but I love all the graphics you made for you post. I'm going to splash them around online. I truly hope you and your buddy get to take a few road trips to haunted hot spots. With the weather cooling off, it's a good time to explore!

    1. Hi, Tui! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Once again, I am fangirlingatudeology! WOOHOO! So glad you enjoyed the post and review! I really enjoyed reading this book so much. And so glad you liked the graphics! I had a lot of fun making those! Feel free to splash those thangs all over the interwebs! Lemme know if you need me to email them to ya! I may be emailing my own paranormal run in with some disembodied legs to ya one of these days!

  2. What a fun review & post! And totally agree on your assessment -- it's a fabulous book.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had a hoot writing it (as you can tell.) Even more fun, was taking an armchair road trip with Tui!