03 February 2020

*Read My Review & ENTER TO WIN* The Mail Order Bride's Secret by Linda Broday

Outlaw's Mail Order Bride,
Book Three
Genre: Historical Western Romance
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca Publication
Date: January 28, 2020
Number of Pages: 352 pages


When the West was wild and man's law favored the few, these extraordinary women could be found...in the heart of an outlaw.
When three young children show up on outlaw Tait Trinity's doorstep, he knows he can't help them―a wanted man has no business raising kids. And yet he can't bring himself to turn them away. At a loss, he sends for the mail order bride he'd been writing to, hoping the demure dressmaker will be the answer to his prayers. Melanie Dunbar is nothing like the bride Tait was expecting. She's rough and tumble...and hiding an ulterior motive. Dangerous men have taken her sister hostage, and if Melanie wants to see her alive, she'll have to betray her new husband. There's only one problem―the more time she spends with Tait, the more she comes to care for him. Yet as the noose begins to tighten, Melanie will have to make a terrible choice: save her sister...or the man she loves.

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“This is another page-turning period romance from Broday.” Publisher’s Weekly “Broday does a fabulous job of telling a story filled with humor, angst and some candid truths just so we don’t romanticize this period in our history.” Fresh Fiction “This book was absolutely mesmerizing with nonstop action, full of laughter, tears and just a downright good Old fashioned Wild West story as only Linda Broday can do.” Glenda (Goodreads reviewer)

Y’all, I’ve come to suspect something … Kristine is either an evil mastermind or an all-knowing book siren. I’m not sure which one – yet – but, believe you, me, I’ll puzzle this business out as soon as possible.

Why do I say such a thang?

Well, let me tell you why.

I’m over here, minding my own dadgum business, trying hard to finish writing my fourth book (about aliens in Texas, of course), and not bothering a soul. Heck, I’ve even been working like a dog on my day job (though, in all honesty, the only work my dog does is herding me around like a cow. So, I have no idea where that there term comes from.) Y’all didn’t know that I’m also an instructional designer with my own business called Star eLearning, did y’all? Well, wonders never cease!

But I digress.

Look, Kristine had the confounded nerve to put out a call for reviewers for one of my new fave authors, the tantalizing Linda Broday right in the midst of my own personal maelstrom. “How dare she!” I flared my nostrils and internally shouted as I filled out the Google sign up form (all the while drooling over the gorgeosity (I just made up that word – I fancy myself as a modern-day Texas Shakespeare.)

I mean … have you ever seen prettier covers than the ones on her books? (Besides, the title alludes to secrets … and y’all know how I lurve me some secrets!)

*Le Sigh* Kristine – and Ms. Broday – reeled me in like a large mouth bass with this one! (Did I just hear you say “large mouth is about right?”) *Intensifies Glaring*

Alright, alright! I’ll get on with the review. Heck! Y’all have gotten bossy as all git out!

One thing about Broday’s books is this: you can definitely judge her books by their covers. Her writing is just as enthralling as the artwork in which her stories are packaged. I kid you not!

By now, all y’all know I won’t give spoilers. This review is no exception. But I’ll tell ya enough to whet your appetite, I will! This story begins on a Texas Panhandle summer night in 1881. The very first paragraph is a perfect hook that pulls the reader into the story. I immediately felt the chill in the night air that slipped through the window as if, itself, were a character in the story. I heard the gong of the clock down on the town square. Eight gongs, in fact. And just like that *snaps fingers*, I was there, in the past, experiencing a dilemma that will change the course of several lives.

“For good or bad?” You ask, eagerly awaiting my response.

“Well,” I chuckle whilst shaking my head. “You’ll just have to read the story for yourself to find out.”

I see you scowling at me.

Ms. Broday has a way with words and a talent for world building. Her characters are so alive and authentic that I’m beginning to believe she’s a cotton pickin’ time traveler. I was literally addicted to this book from the moment I tore open the envelope in which it arrived.

The only thing that woulda added to my enjoyment of this well-written, enthralling book would be an autograph. Alas, it has none. But maybe she’ll send a signed bookplate? *Looks wistfully at the screen as I type this.* One can only hope.

The point is: if you love a well told story with believable characters and a setting that is as real as the one in which you are currently sitting (or standing, floating, lollygagging, etc.), then Linda Broday is your gal! Grab a copy of this book. Heck! In all honesty, I recommend all her books!

I’ve been needing a vacation, and after reading The Mail Order Bride’s Secret by Linda Broday, I feel as if I’ve just gotten back from the Texas Panhandle (star date 1881).

And that’s why I hereby grant
By Linda Broday

5 Fabulous Time Traveling 
Tantalizing Texas Brooms!

I'm a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty historical western romance novels and short stories. I reside in the Texas Panhandle on land the American Indian and Comancheros once roamed, and at times if the breeze is just right, I can hear their voices whispering in the wind. Texas’ rich history is one reason I set all my stories here where cowboys are still caretakers of the land. I’m inspired every day by their immense dedication and love for the wide-open spaces. When I’m not writing, I collect old coins and I’ve also been accused (quite unfairly I might add) of making a nuisance of myself at museums, libraries, and historical places. I’m also a movie buff and love sitting in a dark theater, watching the magic unfold on the screen. As long as I’m confessing…chocolate is my best friend. It just soothes my soul.


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  1. I have read almost all of Linda Broday's books and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I am excited that there will be one more book in this series. Her books do have the feel of time and place in which they are set giving them a definite authenticity. This books does well as a stand alone, but it will be much richer if you have read the previous books in the series and more so if you have read the previous Men Of Legend series that this one ties to. I have just started this book and am back in Hope's Crossing, Texas among old friends.

    1. Hi Patricia! Thank you for coming. Great to see an old friend. I'm so happy that you like what I write. We've had us some great times and I'm still pinching myself that we got to meet in Denton, Texas a few years ago. That was a great treat. I hope you enjoy Tait's and Melanie's story. Those kids will make you laugh...hopefully a lot! Have a wonderful time in Hope's Crossing. Ridge Steele's book (#4) will be out November 24. The title is Once Upon a Mail Order Bride. Thanks again for coming.

  2. Book siren! YAAASS! I will work on honing my skills to reach other Texas book bloggers and expand our empire! Thanks for a great review. So glad you enjoyed the book. I can't wait for the 4th book coming November, and then I am going to power read the series.

  3. Hey, I totally agree, Kristine! You are a book siren deluxe. But what I love is that you don't keep them for yourself. You spread them all around this great state of Texas! Yee-Haw! Love you, lady.

  4. Belle, Belle, Belle...Thank you so much for giving this book 5 lovely brooms! And thank you for liking Tait and Melanie and taking them and these poor kids into your heart. This was one of the deepest stories I've probably every written. I dug down and found every emotion to throw at my readers. And myself. I laughed and cried and worried about the outcome of this story. By the time I finished, I was a limp noodle. I had no more words left. You mention that I might be a time traveler. Truth is, I feel much more at home in the 1800s than I do in 2020. I do feel as though I once lived there. I don't tell that to too many people because they tend to look at me funny but I think you might understand. Thank you, dearest friend. Until we meet again in the Texas Panhandle.....