06 November 2014

Street Teams & Books to Movies

The Trilogy is Complete!

Long Live the Queen

It feels so good knowing my readers will now discover why everything happened the way it did in my books.  Who knew there was an alien queen living in a small, inconsequential South East Texas town?  I've been doing a lot of celebrating since MONARCH spread its wings and flew the coop. And there still much more fun to come!

Sweet 'n' Sassy Bookaholics is currently creating a street team for me.  It's called Belle's Shooting Stars.  Also, there's an opportunity for lovers of CICADA to put your vote in for getting my book turned into a movie!

In the next few weeks, be on the look-out for an upcoming book blog tour, which is being arranged by My Family's Heart Book Tours & Reviews.

I have the best readers and fans in the universe!  If you've read MONARCH, you know I love y'all so much I dedicated my book to y'all!  <3

This is your invite to join my Street Team.  I'm really looking forward to communicating with my Lovelies in our own closed group.  There are lots of fun things in the works right now.  Don't miss out! Click HERE and join now!  I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

URMEGUR, Y'all!  Have you ever heard of The Imagine Film List?  CICADA has been added and is open for your votes. It's really a neat service, which allows you to see my choice of actors, composers, screenwriters, & directors. However, if you pictured a different actor, etc., in the part, you can propose them instead!  GO HERE and VOTE FOR CICADA, please and thank you!

For Your Listening Pleasure ~ 

Monarch's Official Theme Song

Visit KylerEngland.com to find out how to purchase her music! <3

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