25 November 2014

The Coolest Thing Ever!

Hello, Lovelies!

I'd love your help and support in my venture ... after all, I've got the best readers and fans in the universe.  Together, we can accomplish anything.  I truly believe that!

How can you help?  My plan is to get as many of my Lovelies to help me get attention for my books on The IF List.  Many reviews for my books commented that they'd make good movies.  I'd love the chance to see that happen!

If you have a moment, or two, or three, would you click on each image below and then click the "Support" button?

And what's so cool about it?  YOU can recommend actors, directors, and composers of your choice to play the characters!

Support Cicada on The If List!

Support Firefly on The If List!

Support Monarch on The If List!

Thank you so much, my Lovelies!  I can't express enough gratitude to each of you for sticking with me on my journey to finishing this trilogy.  I hope you continue to stick with me as we plow forward onto new heights!

XOXO and Lots of Love!


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