20 June 2017

*GIVEAWAY & Author Interview* UNDER A SUMMER SKY by Melody Carleson

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Follow Your Heart, Book 3
Melody Carlson
  Genre: Contemporary Romance / Christian / Inspirational
Publisher: Revell
Date of Publication: June 6, 2017
Number of Pages: 320
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High school art teacher Nicole Anderson is looking forward to a relaxing summer in Savannah, house-sitting and managing an art gallery for a family friend. The house is luxurious in a way that only old money could make it, and the gallery promises interesting days in a gorgeous setting. Yet it isn’t long before her ideal summer turns into more than she bargained for: a snooty gallery employee who’s determined to force her out, a displaced adolescent roosting in the attic, and two of her childhood friends—who also happen to be brothers—vying for her attention.
With the backdrop of a gorgeous historical city, incredible architecture, and even an alleged ghost or two, combined with the opportunity for romance . . . anything can happen! 
Bestselling and award-winning author Melody Carlson invites you to spend the summer surrounded by splendor . . . and tantalizing possibilities.


“Heartwarming and uplifting.”Library Journal on Once Upon a Summertime 
“Sweet, romantic, and endlessly entertaining.”Radiant Lit on Once Upon a Summertime

“This winsome romance [is] a perfect summer read.”Publishers Weekly on All Summer Long


Where did your love of writing come from? 
I’ve always loved a good story—whether I was telling it myself or hearing it from another source. From an early age I was both an avid reader and eager writer. Although writing came easily to me (gifts are like that) I never took my storytelling skills seriously. I believed that an ‘author’ was someone else, someone important and brilliant with leather patches on their wool tweed jacket—not an ordinary person like me. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I decided to get serious about writing and publishing my stories. 

How long have you been writing? 
As mentioned in the previous question, I’ve been writing for most of my life. As soon as I could write words, I was creating stories and making them into little homemade books. Every time I got the opportunity to write, I’d eagerly take it. I was the editor of my grade-school newspaper; wrote and directed plays in junior high; and took as many writing classes in high school and college as I could cram in. In my adult life I continued to journal, write letters, contribute opinion newspaper pieces, create poetry . . . and just generally write whenever I could. It was simply part of who I was, but I still didn’t consider myself an ‘author.’ 

What do you think most characterizes your writing? 
I’d like to think it’s creating realistic characters with realistic problems that pull in a reader and compel them to come along. I also like to toss in a dollop of grace along the way—people facing challenges and troubles usually need that. Stories are such a great vehicle for exploring “real” life from the comfort of an easy chair. I like showing why people do the things they do—whether good or bad. And I love inviting the reader to ‘ride along’ with me and hopefully glean some fresh insight during the trip. 

What did you enjoy about writing this book? 
I always love a story where my heroine gets a chance to reinvent herself and get a fresh start at a different sort of life. And I love transporting character to a new and interesting locale—a place where they can explore and discover all the delights of their new habitat. Savannah Georgia offered a beautiful setting to ‘play’ in. I loved researching all the many interests this beautiful old city had to offer. 

What did you find most useful in learning to write for publication? What was least useful or most destructive? 
When I first started to write, I really didn’t understand the publishing world. Why would they contract certain books (that I might not have liked so well) but they would decline others (that I felt were good). It made no sense to me. So when I got the opportunity to work at a publishing house, I gladly dove in. I worked there for less than three years, but it was an ‘education’ that even twenty years later, I’m still truly grateful for. The least useful ‘advice’ I ever got in regard to publishing was well-meaning friends who told me (early on) that it was ‘impossible to publish a book.’ After publishing more than 200 books, I think I proved them wrong. 

Are you a full-time or part-time writer? How does that affect your writing? 
I’ve been a full-time writer for the past twenty years. I’d have to be in order to produce so many books! Although my writing schedule has lightened some these past couple of years (something I’m thankful for) I still consider writing to be my ‘full-time’ job—and I have a private studio where I go to work. And because I’m write on such a regular basis, I think it forces me to be more disciplined and hopefully it’s helped me to improve my craft.  

What are some day jobs that you have held? Have any of them impacted your writing? 
I’ve had some pretty varied jobs and life experiences. I taught pre-school for a number of years. I ran my own daycare business for a few years. I worked for an interior design firm for a short while—which made me realize that although I love design, I would not want that for a fulltime job. I also had an interesting job with an international adoption agency. My last job was as a senior editor for a major Christian publishing company. I feel that all these occupations have added to my writing

Melody Carlson is the award-winning author of over two hundred books with sales of more than 6.5 million, including many bestselling Christmas novellas, young adult titles, and the contemporary romances Once Upon a Summertime and All Summer Long. She received a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her many books, including Finding Alice. She and her husband live in central Oregon.


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