23 June 2017

Take Your Dog to Work Day

I take Sascha Marie to work with me every day.  She also oversees my writing and herds me into my writing cave.

Sometimes, she stares out the window while gathering her thoughts. It's helpful when working out the details of writing a difficult scene or killing off a character.

She's my design partner at Star elearning. She has lots of experience in creating interactive eLearning modules for our clients.

When she's not herding me into the office, she's stealing my chair so she can post on her Facebook page.

Sascha Marie says: "Give us a shout if you need your costly instructor led training courses converted into money-saving eLearning modules!"

Did you take your dog to work today? Post in the comments and let us know!

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  1. Yes! Sally Ann is snoring in the corner!

    You have received the Blogger Recognition Award. Go here for info>>>http://wp.me/p6PVez-1jg

    1. Awww! Sally Ann! A blogger recognition award? WOW! *dashes off to check* XOXO Thank you!