05 February 2013

Burning Stuff and Other Things I Shouldn't Do

It's been a while since I posted a blog... wait, I shouldn't start out like that. I hate when posts start out like that. Let's see, what should I say?

I'm refocusing the blog on reviews in general, not just books. This is for a few reasons. First of all, I read mostly non-fictions and scholarly journals in my leisure time. (I know it's a little shocking.) The second reason is I play video games and watch TV shows a hellavua lot. I'm a junkie, really. And that's cool too, because it's a hobby. This totes doesn't mean I won't review an indie book, it just means I'm broadening my horizons. My first review will be on a game called Little Inferno. Never heard of it? That's okay, you will hear of it soon enough. If you're like me and you like burning things, you'll like the game.

I have a few projects I'm starting up. The biggest one is learning Coral Draw and exploring designing vectors and logos (using vectors, derp). If I can do well at this, I will be hired as a graphic designer for a new sign business that will create advertisements, billboards, and business signs in the greater Houston area. Exciting? Yeah, I know.

I am also taking a Design I class. This isn't really for a degree, since I already have art credits. It's more because I love the professor and I want to sharpen my design "eye". I'm working with a lot of mixed media, NOT graphic art. This is super awesome because I can take what I learn and apply it to my design work.

What does this mean for readers? Well, it means since I'm "learning", my rates for book covers and logos will be cheaper for a while. So, you should probs contact me if you like my work and want to make sweet magic with me. I know you want to. ;)

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  1. Whyyy does your blog look SO much better than mine....jealous! ;-)I love it :)