17 February 2013

Firefly Book Tour Prizes & Events Revealed!

I'm pleased to announce that we have picked out our prizes and decided on the blog tour events. We will have many interviews, reviews, two giveaways, tons of swag, a blog Easter egg hunt, and the reveal of the NEW Cicada cover! 

Swag includes: 1 Texas T-shirt, 1 I <3 Everett T-shirt, Signed Bookmarks, Signed Pamphlets, Cicada magnets, Blair + Everett Book Tote, Window Decals, Stickers, Electric Firefly Jar, and Signed Copies of Both Cicada and Firefly.

We will be accepting people to sign up for the tour up until March 10th. If you're interested, please fill out this form to participate.

To download your own promotional images, right click > save as in the following collection.

Special thanks to www.dryicons.com 
who created the Easter Egg and Bunny icons we will be using for the Hunt.


  1. When we will know we were accepted in the tour? :) By the way this is a wonderful blog. I really like the design and your posts. I'll be looking forward to it. ^^

    1. Hi! :) Anyone can sign up for the tour. I've already sent out two mass emails, basically showing peeps the promotional images and asking them to put those images in their blog. AND saying I will be assigning dates very, very soon. :D

    2. Thanks for the quick reply! Well I also filled out the form and didn't receive any email. That's why I was asking. Should I fill it again to make sure I wrote my email correctly? :)

    3. I don't think you'll get an auto-reply from filling out the form, but you are more than welcome to fill it out again just for good measure! :-) Thanks so much for signing up!