16 February 2013

Five Star Review for Firefly!

I was so happy to see this on the Firefly Amazon website today! It's from Miss Literary Vixen:
Epic follow up to one of my favorite books of 2012 `Cicada'. This one follows Blair Reynolds after the events in book one. Her world has changed as she has changed in the most unusual ways. This follows her transformation as a mere human into something more ethereal. All my favorite characters return in this one: Everett, Andrew, David and Natalie. They join forces once more to save Blair from the outside forces baring down on her and attempting to claim her forever. I'm in awe of this series. I never read anything like this storyline. Sci-fi lovers will love this! It takes paranormal into a high new level of intrigue and mystery. I had to drop everything to read this sequel, it was that amazing! I loved the new characters that were introduced too−Ash was probably my absolute favorite. We don't discover what his role is to the very end and that had me really frustrated because I wanted to know what he had to do with Blair and how did he know her so well? Love how it's written, the pet names everyone has for each other and the fierce love they share makes you root for them in every way, praying that they get what they want and live through the treacheries around them. Not a short read at all and that was a good thing. Packed full of mystery, suspense, love and even horror, I found the story grabbing my attention and never letting go. The only thing I'd change, is have book 3 in my hands right now! Awesome!

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  1. I agree 100% with Literary Vixen's review! It's really tough to put this one down and go to sleep! This book has grabbed me and won't let go! I see a movie in the future!
    Ciao for now ;-)